By 90Min
August 19, 2017

Tottenham fans are breathing a sigh of relief as their club finally gets around to make a first-team signing this summer.

The imminent arrival of Ajax's star defender Davinson Sanchez will give Spurs some much needed competition in their senior defensive ranks and add a player of real potential into the mix.

Sanchez will naturally require some bedding in time at his new club but, judging by a YouTube clip of the 21-year-old that has been shared by excited Spurs fans, he won't need to worry about coming up against speedy attackers in the Premier League.

The video in question shows Sanchez's remarkable powers of recovery in last season's Europa League final against Manchester United.

Sanchez manages to catch Jesse Lingard as he bears down on Ajax's goal and make a tackle that denies the England international a nailed on goal.

The Colombia international's turn of pace will be a welcome addition to Tottenham and, whilst he was out of position and chasing someone who would be a tad slower than usual with the ball at his feet, still showed off his acceleration and pace well in that clip.

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