Thick Smoke Seen Over Bayern's Allianz Arena Sparks Temporary Fears in Munich

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Thick smoke appeared to be rising from Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena on Monday, prompting fears of a blaze within the German champion's home.

According to German news outlet BR24 (reported via The Sun) however, firefighters were called to extinguish a fire which had started in area outside of the stadium, not inside as many suspected.

"This does not seem to be in the arena. More behind. No panic". A tweet from a German media expert said.

Many more photos of the incident were seen via social media, as thick clouds of noxious smoke were pictured above the famous European ground, which understandably caused many to worry.

Despite the brief moments of panic though, everyone was eventually re-assured the fire was in fact coming from behind the ground, through swift reporting. The blaze was subsequently dealt with by the emergency services, and was fully extinguished by 3pm the same day.

Next on the agenda for Bayern is an away match at Hoffenheim following the international break, whereas the Allianz Arena will next be in action during the club's hosting of Anderlecht, in the first round of Champions League group games.