VIDEO: Mats Hummels Incurs Wrath of National Team Boss After Swimming Pool Stunt

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Germany and Bayern Munich defender Mats Hummels risked incurring the wrath of national team bosses this week when he posted a video of himself on Instagram jumping from a balcony into a nearby swimming pool.

Based on what general manager Oliver Bierhoff had to say when asked about the 'stunt', Hummels won't be formally punished, but stern words will still be said.

"We already said it was good he did not dive head first. That would have even been worse," Bierhoff is quoted as saying by

"We are not the social media police for the players, and that's the case outside international breaks. But we have to tell them that with everything they say or do, they will be considered role models and you have to have responsibly with that.


"Mats is a player who usually thinks a lot and I will not exaggerate. But we tell him that."

Hummels and the rest of the Germany squad are currently preparing for a World Cup qualifier against Czech Republic in Prague on Friday night, followed by a home fixture against Norway in Stuttgart three days later.