VIDEO: Roy Keane Reveals How Much United Legends Would Be Worth in Today's 'Mind-Boggling' Market

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Ireland manager Roy Keane has candidly revealed how much he believes a collective of past Manchester United legends would cost in the current inflated transfer market, whilst talking to the press before the Green Army's World Cup qualifiers.

The 2017 summer transfer market has been full to the brim with lucrative, eye-watering transfer deals, some of which have smashed every single record under the sun, but when one journalist at the conference asked the ex-United commander the worth of a few former Red Devils stars by today's standards, he answered in a typically tongue-in-cheek manner, with all present lapping it up.

Keane labelled the lofty state of signings this summer as "mind-boggling", with "average players going for £30-40m" - but despite Neymar's hefty £200m-plus price tag in particular which saw the Brazilian switch from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, they would not be a scratch on Sir. Alex Ferguson's indomitable stars of yesterday.

To start with, how much would a club have to fork-out for Ruud van Nistelrooy? "One billion." The past United captain claimed, with David Beckham falling under the same glittering bracket as the Dutch hit-man.

But what of Welsh wizard Ryan Giggs? "He'd be worth two billion." He said without a shadow of a doubt, of course. 

The imposing Irishman did return to earth from orbit after his sky-high predictions, when the journalist questioned him on how much he thought he would go for - "3.75 million." He precisely guesstimated, indeed with an air of utmost modesty in his words. 

It seems that day after day the world transfer record is on the verge of being broken again this summer, but if the financial climate of today was apparent 10-15 years ago perhaps, Keane's jesting remarks about his esteemed colleagues of the golden era at the 'Theatre of Dreams' may not be too far from the actual truth.