Premier League side Manchester City have been put on security alert after a group of men broke into the Etihad Stadium, before gaining access to the roof.

By 90Min
September 06, 2017

Premier League side Manchester City have been put on security alert after a group of men broke into the Etihad Stadium, before gaining access to the roof.

The Sun have reported that the youngsters hopped over the perimeter fences before climbing onto one of the spectator walkways, before making their way into the ground, before security spotted them and rushed into the stadium.

24-year-old Adam Marr was one of the climbers and filmed the footage of them entering the 55,000 capacity stadium. Speaking after his exploits, he said: 

“It was amazing – you can’t put money on an experience like that. While I primarily did it for the views and the experience, I’m a United fan so it was nice to ‘conquer’ our rivals in another way.

“I’ve had a City experience that no Blues fan has had, which is quite funny and one I will happily rub in the faces of my mates who are City supporters. Security did a good job to catch us but we were just better. When we started running from security we knew what we were doing – we were only there to take pictures.

“So when we climbed over the little wall a security guard spotted us – so we just sprinted off into the stadium. We saw a hatch and at first we thought it wasn’t open. I remember thinking we were rumbled. thought the hatch at the top of the stadium was locked because the latch wouldn’t open."

City have released an official club statement on the issue and have strongly condemned the actions, claiming it was under control from the start, the statement read: 

"The group of men were tracked and monitored by security upon breaching the perimeter fence of the Etihad Stadium and subsequently apprehended when it was safe to do so. Manchester City strongly condemns the actions of this group and is cooperating with the investigation into this matter."

Police were called to the scene and a spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police has said:

“At around 1.45am on Sunday 27 August 2017, police were called to reports that a group of people had entered the grounds of the Etihad Stadium and gained entry to the roof.

“Officers attended and were at the grounds for a significant time until seven people safely came down from the roof. Police are treating it as a public nuisance incident and enquiries are ongoing.”

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