Sam Allardyce has given his take on the biggest flop he has ever had the misfortune of coaching.

By 90Min
September 08, 2017

Former England boss Sam Allardyce has been around the block and back, having began his coaching career as a player-manager at Irish club Limerick in 1991.

It's quite safe to say that he has worked with hordes upon hordes of players since then, so when he gives a verdict on any one player, chances are he knows what he's talking about.

Allardyce, who saved Crystal Palace from relegation last season only to walk away thereafter, has given his take on the biggest flop he has ever had the misfortune of coaching, and it's none other than former Manchester United midfielder Ravel Morrison.

Morrison, who started his youth career at Old Trafford back in 2009, was thought to be the next big thing in England back then, and was even rated higher than Paul Pogba, who is now one of the best and most talented midfielders in the world.

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However, eight years on, Morrison is plying his trade with Atlas in Mexico on a loan deal from Lazio.

“He was that good but because of the mental side of his game and his life he couldn’t produce that talent on a regular basis," Allardyce said on Sky Sports (H/T the Daily Star).

“He was the biggest waste of talent I ever worked with. We had three months where Ravel was the match-winner at West Ham every week.

“Everybody raved about him and there was talk of a new contract and then all of a sudden it went the other way.”

At 24 years old, there's still time for Morrison to live up to his potential, but he certainly has a tough road back.

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