By 90Min
September 10, 2017

With the release of FIFA 18 is just days away, EA are giving fans a little taste of what to expect in the form of some player ratings.

The stats of the top 100 players in the latest incarnation of the game have been slowly revealed this past week and soon enough, avid gamers will find out who stands at the top of the pile:

Will it be Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo, or, of course, Barcelona's Lionel Messi?

Image by Sal Sayles

As reported by GMS, Manchester United fans aren't so concerned by who might or mightn't be 'top dog'; their concerns lie with a certain enigmatic Swede...


At 35-years-old, the former Milan, Juventus and PSG star was hardly going to get the highest Pace Rating, especially given the fact he was never THAT quick even in his heyday - but still, after his FIFA 17 score came in at 72, it's taken a bit of nosedive to 65 for the new game.

To put things into context, that means Andrea Barzagli, Jan Vertonghen, Gerard Pique and Ivan Rakitic are all faster - or at least AS quick.

Zlatan fans everywhere took to Twitter in order to air their grievances: 

While most are honing in on Zlatan's pace, others are more bemused by his physical statistics, with N’Golo Kante, Paul Pogba and Sami Khedira supposedly stronger than the multiple league and cup winner.

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