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September 10, 2017

Wayne Rooney's drunk-driving scandal with Laura Simpson dominated the tabloids last week with more stories of Simpson hanging out with footballers.

Recently in an interview with the Sun, Simpson revealed a past encounter with Marouane Fellaini, claiming the Belgian midfielder was angry after she dropped a Big Mac burger into his indoor pool back in 2014.

After the story was published to multiple outlets, Fellaini took to twitter in the early hours of Sunday morning to dismiss the claims and even threatened to bring in his lawyers regarding the story.

The Manchester United midfielder is furious about the claims made by Simpson and will be looking to file a lawsuit against the 'false stories' that the party girl has told about him.

A friend of Laura's told the Sun in detail about the night between Fellaini and Simpson after meeting at Manchester-based club Sakura in 2014.

After chatting for 20 minutes, according to the story, Fellaini reportedly invited Simpson to go to his £4m house, but made a stop a McDonald's as the 29-year-old single mum was hungry.

Michael Regan/GettyImages

What reportedly followed was an intimate conversation between the two at Fellaini's indoor pool and ended as Simpson dropped most of her burger into it.

“The burger slipped out of the bun and it all collapsed into the pool.

“Fellaini saw it happen and got really, really angry," Simpson's friend claims. 

But Fellaini's tweet today shows that the Belgian is even angrier by the fact that the story was published by the Sun and dismisses the claims.

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