By 90Min
September 16, 2017

The start of the new football season can only mean one thing, all the latest footballing video games are being released! The likes of FIFA, Pro Evolution and Football Manager will soon all be releasing the latest version of their video games, and new info is gradually emerging regarding updates such as player ratings, new stadiums and new graphics in the games.

Advancements in technology has allowed for drastic improvements in recent years regarding the visual effects in the game. Game players now feel more part of the game than ever before, as the likes of EA Sports and Konami constantly find ways to improve their gameplay.

Arnoldo Robert/GettyImages

With these advancements, you'd think this year's games would see graphics like we've never seen before with more realistic gameplay and game faces, however this doesn't appear to be the case with the new Pro Evolution game.

An image on Twitter has emerged showing West Ham striker Chicharito Hernandez on the game, and it hasn't gone down too well on Twitter.

Supposedly the details in the player's faces will improve once the update due in October has been finalised, however until then it looks as if FIFA will still have the upper hand over Pro Evolution.

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