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September 18, 2017

Former Manchester United attacker David Bellion has revealed that sir Alex Ferguson once made a player sell his Bentley after driving it into training one morning.

The legendary United boss wasn't a fan of the glamorous side of football. His attitude towards the game was that of hard work - he was a traditional, straight-talking manager. 

With that being said, it's easy to understand his hatred towards players getting too big for their boots and now former United man Bellion has told the story of when a youth player who had just turned professional rolled up to work in a Bentley:

“Sir Alex made him sell it immediately,” The now 34-year-old told the Sun.

“I drove to Carrington in an Austin Mini for nearly a year even though I had a Mercedes at home.

“Sir Alex didn’t like young players getting above themselves.

Jamie Squire/GettyImages

“He hated anyone showing their wealth before they had done anything in life or the game.”

Set in his ways, then! In the same week that Romelu Lukaku turned up to training in a Rolls Royce worth around £250,000, Bellion - now an art dealer in Paris - has shed light on how one of the greatest managers of all time kept his players' feet on the ground.

Bellion himself never had much reason himself to let football go to his head. In three years at Old Trafford, the Frenchman only mustered up 24 appearances (scoring a measly four goals).

Since life in Manchester, he's gone on to feature for Ligue 1 clubs such as a Bordeaux and Nice - and now, in 2017, finds himself with third tier French outfit Red Star.

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