By 90Min
September 23, 2017

A YouTuber has come up with a way to help gamers perform a speed-boosting technique in EA Sports' upcoming FIFA 18.

The latest version of the game, set to drop on September 26, has people all over the world eagerly anticipating. But recent installments have led to much frustration in terms of players' pace.

It would seem that no matter how fast a certain player is, it leave him with no real advantage over markedly slow opposition.

One expert came up with a way to use a pace-boosting method in FIFA 17, but according to Krasi, it won't be effective in the next model.

Fortunately, though, Krasi has come up with a way to make it work on FIFA 18 himself, or so he says.

Check it out in the video below.

The instructions can also be found here: 

- Roll the ball left or right

- Press R1/RB

- Press and hold the sprint button and push the left analogue stick in the direction you're running.

If you get all of those on point, your player should burst of the mark, leaving markers in his wake. 

Do give it a try and see for yourself.

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