Carlo Ancelotti Reveals the Toughest Aspect of Coaching & Bemoans Influence of Social Media

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Carlo Ancelotti has outlined what he finds as the most difficult part of coaching, namely, keeping a good relationship with his players, and noting the subtle differences between treating someone like a player and treating someone as a person.


Ancelotti's managerial path has led him all over Europe. After a long career of coaching some of the best teams in the continent in five different countries, the 58-year-old, who can boast a vast amount of experience, has sat down with Baptiste Desprez of Sport 24 and opened up on the every day difficulties of coaching:

"Manage players. Motivate them every day, listen to them," Ancelotti said when asked what he finds the trickiest aspect of his profession. 


"The most delicate is not a technical or tactical but a psychological one. You are not talking to a player, but to a person. I'm close to the person, not the player. 

"It's subtle. Personally, I am not the coach, I do the coach, ditto for the player. This nuance is indispensable. They understand and appreciate it. But it's really not easy. The more you have an experienced player, the easier it is to manage psychologically."


Desprez went on to ask the Bayern Munich boss where he stands on the use of social media, and it's fair to say Ancelotti is not a fan:

"I do not understand and I do not like. I call it 'the loneliness of the smartphone'," the Italian added.

"I forbid it when the players eat together, all the other moments they have right. There are rules. Rather than forbid, I prefer to explain."

This week will see Ancelotti and his men travel to his former team Paris Saint-Germain, where he will be hoping to add to their previous Champions League triumph - a 3-0 win over Anderlecht.