Football Pundit Gary Lineker Can’t Resist Taking a Swipe at Rio Ferdinand’s New Career Choice

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During Tuesday’s Champions League coverage, Gary Lineker couldn’t resist making a few jabs at Boxing’s new star, Rio Ferdinand.

Lineker, never one to shy away from a chance at a joke, asked Ferdinand whether Liverpool’s hopes of qualifying for the round of 16 “would go the distance.” 

This brought a smirk in Ferdinand who obviously picked up on the reference, but replied that despite drawing their first two group games, Liverpool are still in a strong position to make it out of their group.


The banter didn’t stop at that point as Lineker responded: “Yeah at this stage it’s just sparring isn’t it.” This was the first time that the beloved presenter had worked with Ferdinand since he made the announcement about his next career choice. Luckily Ferdinand, also one never to resist making a joke, saw the funny side of the remarks.

Ferdinand’s decision to become a professional age at 38-years-old has perplexed many. The sheer brutality of the sport means that many people, much younger than Ferdinand, shy away from boxing.


He is regarded as one of the best defenders that England has ever produced, and his trophy laden career highlights how he lived up to what was expected of him. Many people believe that this announcement is nothing more than a publicity stunt and that his career in the squared circle will be short lived. 

However, if you are an avid follower of Ferdinand on his social media accounts, you will know that Ferdinand prides himself on staying in shape and that many of his workouts with his personal trainer do have an element of boxing included.

Given his extensive football career, there is a chance that Ferdinand may still possess some natural fitness that will aid him inside the ring. However, if he can’t demonstrate that he is actually capable of boxing, that will all count for nought.

But before all that can be decided, Ferdinand will continue his role working with BT Sport as a pundit. Over the course of the season, he will have to become privy to the boxing phrases that will continue to be thrown in his direction.