By 90Min
September 28, 2017

Everyone remembers Arsenal's eyebrow-raising attempt to sign Luis Suarez, then a Liverpool player, for £40m and £1 in a delightfully insulting bid to break his release clause. Obviously, the Reds did not bite and Suarez was jetting off to Barcelona a year later.

Four years on, and £40m does not have the same shock factor in terms of transfer fee when compared to Neymar's recent £200m move to PSG. Luis Suarez is now rated at £85m, according to FIFA 18.

However, this hasn't stopped Squawka from taking the opportunity to rub the Gunners' faces in it yet again with a recreation of Arsene Wenger's attempt to seal the deal (this time, with Barcelona's agent involved instead).

'Arsene Wenger' surely bears a distinct resemblance to Alan Pardew in the exchange, set up using FIFA 18's new interactive options on the Career Mode. This doesn't detract from the immediate outrage of Barcelona's agent, which likely mirrored the Reds' back in the day.

Notice how Wenger is left sitting glumly alone as the camera draws away, with the Arsenal logos shining around him. It is a sorry sight and must evoke some pity from many hard-hearted football fans around the country. Unless they follow Tottenham, in which case it brings laughter.

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