By 90Min
September 30, 2017

Danish side FC Helsingør have taken to Twitter to slam EA Sports for their seemingly lacklustre attempts at recreating their kit for the new FIFA 18 game released worldwide yesterday. The hugely popular franchise are famed for their expert attention to detail in their depiction of players, stadiums and kits, but they have appeared to have dropped the ball on this occasion.

As pointed out by the FC Helsingør official Twitter page, the game's programmers made three key errors in their creating their strip - managing to somehow fail to accurately recreate their badge, putting the wrong sponsor on the shirt, and mixing up the home and away kits. Naturally, the club were less than happy about these glaring errors.

The Danish side are featured on the game for the first time in their history, after being promoted to the Danish Superliga after an impressive 2016/17 campaign in the country's second tier. The rather embarrassing blunder from the game's designers will hopefully see them attempt to alter the mistakes quickly, though this is likely to only work on the games' online features.

Avid fans of the game will be delighted to finally get their hands on the new edition, and the global knock-on effect of potentially millions of people pulling a sickie on Monday to continue their progress on the game is set to have a devastating effect on the world economy.

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