Juventus Ace Giorgio Chiellini Becomes Latest Star to Pledge Salary Donation to Common Goal Charity

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Giorgio Chiellini has joined Juan Mata in becoming the latest football star to commit to parting with 1% of his salary to donate to charity.

The Juventus and Italy centre-back joins the likes of the Manchester United playmaker in forking over the small sum to Common Goal - a charitable corporation that supports football initiatives for disadvantaged children.

In quotes published by the Telegraph, Chiellini explained why more footballers should join the worthy cause and give something back to those who do not have the capability to enjoy their childhood to the maximum.

He said: “By joining Common Goal, I hope I can encourage the younger generation of players to think about social responsibility in their lives.

“As professional footballers, we are in a fortunate position compared to much in society. I think it’s important we keep this in mind and try and support those less lucky than us where we can.

“This isn’t really about my pledge to Common Goal. This is about all of us footballers giving back as a team. Individually our pledges might not change the world. But together we can make a real difference.”


Chiellini emailed Common Goal about how he could help them to boost their coffers and international voice to publicise the work they carry out, and finished his enquiry by stating that he was "not interested in advertising".

Mata, who hopes to set up a 'Common Goal XI' from the stars who have so far signed up to the organisation - including Bayern Munich's Mats Hummels and two of the women's USA team Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan - offered his thanks to Chiellini for his ongoing donations.

The Spainard added: “Giorgio is a true leader both on and off the pitch and I am deeply humbled to welcome him to the Common Goal team. With a role model like him on-board, I have no doubt many younger players will follow.”

Common Goal is a subsidiary of streetfootballworld, who are a group of more than 120 charities. For more information on the causes they support, visit their website here.