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October 02, 2017

Former Manchester City full-back Wayne Bridge has admitted that he thought the club paid "too much" to sign him from Chelsea in 2009.

The England international, now 37, made the switch to the Etihad for £12m and was handed a lucrative four-and-a-half year deal.

And he has revealed that he felt slightly undeserving of the fee paid by City to bring him to the club.

"Even I pinch myself at the career I had and the money you can earn, but I almost find it embarrassing to talk about,” Bridge told Planet Football.

“When I was going for £12million to Man City I remember speaking to Jamie Redknapp about the price, and saying, ‘I think they’re paying too much.’ He was like, ‘nah, you’re quality,’ but I didn’t see it.

“But the prices you’re talking about these days for full-backs, £50million, I can’t get my head round it.

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"I never would have thought it would keep going up and up and up and up, but it’s still going. You think ‘when is it going to stop?’ and I really don’t know.”

Bridge also spoke of his time at Chelsea, and how the low points of his career are often what play on his mind.

“Everyone else has got the highlights, scoring for Chelsea and things like that, but most of my things I always think about are the mistakes I’ve made in games,” he said.

“The West Ham one stands out, playing someone onside and giving the penalty away to Theo (Walcott, during a 3-0 defeat)."

Bridge went on to play for a number of clubs on loan after falling out of favour at City, retiring in 2014 after a spell at Championship club Reading.

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