By 90Min
October 03, 2017

After the first weekend following the release of FIFA18, it's safe to say EA Sports' newest instalment of the football sim has proven somewhat divisive amongst fans.

Many fans feel the newest iteration of the successful video game series is a vast improvement on last year's title, adding smart passing, a better system for close control and dribbling and a great improvement regarding the already impressive graphics on display in the previous FIFA title.


However, there are some that feel the new game has become too easy. With an increased emphasis on the spectacular, defending has become much harder, while scoring emphatic goals has been made significantly easier.

And after the opening weekend following the game's full release, YouTube is already awash with instructional videos and tutorials to help players get better.

One of these videos shows players how they can almost always score from long range, allowing online matches to become a free-for-all of worldies flying in at either end.

YouTube user Ovvy explains how to do this in great detail in his tutorial, describing exactly how to line up your shot to beat the keeper with an absolute screamer.

He explains you should start off aiming your shot straight at the keeper before moving the left analogue stick slightly up and to the right. Use three bars of power and before you know it shots will be flying in from improbable ranges with ease.

Best of luck and enjoy beating your opposition with some last minute screamers!

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