By 90Min
October 08, 2017

Manchester United's Juan Mata replied to a fan who tweeted the Spaniard celebrating a goal with teammate Paul Pogba on the new FIFA 18. With the latter famous for introducing the "dab" from music culture to the footballing world - Mata apparently joined Pogba in celebrating with the now infamous move. 

A United fan tweeted the video to Mata - who has always been seen as a very traditional footballer at 29 years of age. Contrasting to Lukaku and Pogba who consistently keep updated on fashion, music and pop culture, this fan never had Mata down as a "dabber". 

Mata's reply seems to dismiss any chance of a "dab" being used in future matches - especially considering Paul Pogba's hamstring injury. 

With United preparing to travel to Anfield this Saturday, Mata will be hopeful of a similar performance to that of two years ago. 

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