By 90Min
October 12, 2017

He may be back at his former stomping ground at long last, but Diego Costa's temperament is still as volatile as ever it seems.

The ex-Chelsea striker has been put through his paces by Atletico Madrid's fitness coach 'Profe' Ortega since his switch back to Spain in a bid to get him match fit as quickly as possible.

Costa, like any footballer, is itching just to get back out and play some football with his teammates and, thanks to footage obtained by AS, hasn't taken too kindly to being told that he must continue building his fitness levels up before taking part in drills with his new club mates.

Indeed, a video on AS' website shows the marksman getting extremely stroppy when he is told to conduct some acceleration drills alone while his fellow players get on with another session.

So perturbed is Costa, in fact, that the sulky Spain international starts launching footballs into a goal 40 yards away in protest.

The 29-year-old really needs to be careful so he doesn't risk the wrath of further physical punishment from Ortega and his staff.

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