By 90Min
October 12, 2017

Lord Alan Sugar sent West Ham fans into a state of fury on social media on Wednesday night after he took aim at the Hammers lack of trophies during the latest episode of his BBC TV series the Apprentice. 

The former Tottenham chairman was in the boardroom preparing to send one of his potential investors packing when he managed to sneak in a dig about West Ham, despite the fact that Hammers vice chairman Karren Brady was sitting a mere metre away.

Eamonn M. McCormack/GettyImages

Lord Sugar's remarks came about following a task which required each team to interior decorate a luxury hotel suite, and during his review of the girls team the 70-year-old took aim at how empty the room was due to the lack of money they spent.

This is where West Ham fans were sent into uproar as he said, via “You didn’t spend enough money. I think West Ham’s trophy room has got more in it!”

It wasn't long before Twitter was taking aim at Lord Sugar for his comments as, let's be honest, neither side has been pricing up a new cabinet online for additional space for their accolades, and West Ham fans were quick to let him know about it 

Here's a snapshot of what awaited Lord Sugar on Twitter following his remarks: 

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