By 90Min
October 19, 2017

Liverpool fans have been left a little red in the face after a social media blunder, much to the viewing pleasure of other Premier League fans. 

A video surfaced after Tuesday's Champions League match between RB Leipzig and Porto of one of Leipzig's players beautifully turning on the ball to leave two surrounding Porto players stranded. Liverpool fans were very quick to point out that it was new signing Naby Keita and how he looks like a world-class midfielder.

The only problem was it actually Jean-Kevin Augustin that did the unreal piece of skill, not Keita...

Many Liverpool fans took to social media to voice their delight at the skills that 'Keita' had in his locker, and that they couldn't wait to see them be played out at Anfield next year. 

However when it was revealed to be Augustin rather than Keita on the ball, the same Liverpool fans that were raving about the video were acting as if nothing ever happened. 

While the skill itself was a delight to watch, it was made just a little bit better for fans of Premier League clubs other than those of Liverpool who made the hilarious blunder. 

However in fairness to Liverpool fans, Keita did have an extremely good game in Leipzig's 3-2 home win against Porto, as he dominated the centre of midfield and was equally as good creatively when he did venture forward. 

It seems like Liverpool have made a fantastic signing when Keita does join the rest of the team next year, and he will strengthen their already top-quality midfield. 

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