Claudio Bravo Kicked Out of Chile's Whatsapp Group Following Wife's Tirade

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Manchester City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo has been kicked out of the Chile national team's Whatsapp group after his wife publicly bashed the side, per The Sun.

Chile failed to qualify for next year's World Cup, losing 3-0 to Brazil at the final opportunity, during the last international break, and finished sixth in their group.

After the game, Bravo's wife Carla Pardo hit out at the team on Instagram, accusing some of the players of partying and being unable to train due to having hangovers during the campaign.


"Thank you, Captain America, for all that you have experienced," she wrote. "It was really beautiful.

"But when they put on the shirt it has to be with professionalism.

"I know that most of them busted their a***s, while others left parties and even did not train because of their hangovers.

"If the cap fits, put it on and stop crying. Because now it is a whole country that is crying."

Reports claim that the goalkeeper has since been blanked by all of his international teammates and booted out of the team's Whatsapp group. It looks like his pillow-talking has gotten a little out of hand.