Angelo Ogbonna Offers Dubious Excuse as to Why His Instagram Account 'Liked' #BilicOut Comment

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Angelo Ogbonna has offered a peculiar explanation as to why his Instagram account was exposed 'liking' a fan's comment that read '#BilicOut'.

It was another terrible performance on Saturday from the Hammers on Friday night against Brighton, who romped to a 3-0 victory at the London Stadium to leave Slaven Bilic on the brink of the sack.


The Croatian is currently under review from club officials, with the club having won just two games under his guidance so far this season.

Calls of #BilicOut have been growing more and more frequent, and it appeared that Ogbonna was actually joining in the cries after his account 'liked' such a comment.

But the Italian then offered a humorous explanation for the like - by claiming that his baby was playing with his phone.

He said to the user: "I liked West Ham post. Not your comment. Because your comment is stupid. My baby was playing with the phone and he touched your comment. So don't be too much happy."

The excuse is along the same lines as the time Joleon Lescott infamously uploaded a picture of his new motor, but then claimed the tweet was sent from within his own pocket has he drove.