Gary Lineker Responds in Brilliant Fashion After Zidane Hits Back at His Tweet on Karim Benzema

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Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane lept to the defence of Karim Benzema after Gary Lineker branded him 'overrated', to which the Match of the Day host then responded in brilliant fashion.

The former England striker was watching Tottenham take on Los Blancos at the Bernabeu in the Champions League in midweek, a game in which Frenchman Benzema was leading the line for the hosts.

The ex-Lyon striker was on the receiving end of criticism from Lineker, who feels that he is 'overrated'. His comments were then put to Zidane by the press, and the 45-year-old wasn't best pleased.

He said: "For football people to say this is embarrassing. He's best 9 for Madrid, by long way.

To say what he [Lineker] said, it's a shame. For me, he's the best. I say sincerley, the best. It's true that the number nine here has to always score a lot, 40 or 50 goals.


"Karim won't score 60 goals but he will score 25 or 30 and he will assist another 30, and that is more important for me. It upsets me when they talk rubbish about my players but we can't avoid it and that's what we're here for."

Zidane's response, of course, made it back to a fan-girling Lineker, who was just happy to have been recognised by the former World Cup winner. He tweeted: "Just thrilled he's heard of me."