VIDEO: Dusan Tadic Reveals Saints Best Basketball Player & Most Intelligent in Teammates Quiz

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Southampton playmaker Dusan Tadic is the latest in a long string of footballers taking part in the well known 'Teammates' quiz - giving the inside scoop as to which Saints player takes the longest to do their hair, and who is the most likely to become a coach after retirement.

Players dishing the dirt on their teammates is always fun to hear - especially when they start ripping into each others' habits (playfully, of course). And now, its been Tadic's turn to lift the lid and shine some light on what goes on under the hood at St Mary's Stadium.

"Okay let's say Cedric [Soares]," the Serbian told the club's official website, when asked who was the most intelligent among the Saints stars.

"But sometimes you can't give him so much confidence otherwise he'll take it - but he's intelligent."

The compliments didn't stop there for the Portugal international, who was also named among Tadic's most likely to become a coach.

"Maybe Cedric can coach, but he needs to grow a little bit, to get older," Tadic added. "Maybe Ryan [Bertrand] can be also, I don't know there's a lot of players who can be."


Tadic was less complimentary towards Danish star Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, who he (after a quick check to make sure he wasn't within hearing range) named the least intelligent.

The Serbian playmaker returned to give Soares another mention - this time for the man who takes the longest on his hair - something which Tadic can't quite understand.

"But he's not doing anything," Tadic revealed. "He's just playing but his hair is always the same. I put cream for one minute - not even one minute, three seconds. He's doing 35 minutes."


Finally the 28-year-old former Twente star revealed, modestly, who he believes to be the best basketball player among the team.

"It's no doubt me," Tadic laughed confidently, before a voice from the background suggested Virgil van Dijk.

"Ask him to play one against one!" he added.

So there you have it, Cedric Soares is smart but takes half an hour to do his hair and Virgil van Dijk is no match for Mr. Tadic on the court, despite being a good 10cm taller than the self-assured Serb.