You Can Play as a German Second Division Kit Man on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team & Here's How

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As players are getting used to Fifa 18 following the transition from last year's edition, a few creases are being ironed out. 

An update was created to make it more difficult to score as many players found it too easy to find the top bin with James Vaughan from 40 yards. 


The new style of crossing has greatly improved the gameplay, making scoring from crosses flow more fluidly. 

But one strange point has arisen from the game's ultimate team section. 

It appears that Bundesliga 2 side FC Erzgebirge Aue have included their kit man, Tommy Kässemodel, in their squad, meaning as you can play with a non-professional player on the game for the first time (other than your all 99 rated created player - cheaters). 

However, this is no mistake. There is a home-grown quota in the Bundesliga which means teams have to have at least four club-trained players in their first-team squad. 


They haven't just thrown him in to make up the numbers though. Kässemodel played for the team in his youth days, representing their U19 and second string sides. 

Käseemodel has been given a horrendously low card in respect to this, with none of his stats exceeding 50 and scoring an overall rating of 46. 

However, although he has the lowest overall rating, he surprisingly doesn't have the lowest in-game stats on the game - that award goes to Lincoln City's Jamie McCombe.