Cowboys Defender Tests Jerry Jones With Another National Anthem Protest

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Let's see what happens now. 

Amid the firestorm driven by President Donald Trump's strong comments on the matter, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones publicly called for his players to stop protesting the National Anthem after he joined them for a display of unity earlier in the season.

For the most part, the Cowboys have followed Jones' ruling. Standout defensive lineman David Irving, however, decided to test just how far Jones would go with his stern warning, raising his fist at the end of the anthem ahead of today's kickoff against Washington.

Irving and the rest of the team stood for the anthem, but only Irving lifted his fist in the air at the culmination of the anthem. It's not the first time he's done so this year, but he could be putting himself in a bit of jeopardy with this most recent demonstration.

This stands to set a major precedent around the league. Irving has been a huge contributor on the Dallas defense-- would Jones dare punish a player that makes such an impact?

Time will certainly tell, folks.