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Justin Verlander and Jose Altuve Wear Hilarious Matching Shirts Ahead of Game 5


For the record, I'd totally watch the hell out of a Step Brothers remake starring Justin Verlander and Jose Altuve. 

Altuve was the first big piece to be added to this Astros team, and Verlander was the last. Naturally, the two have been linked throughout their stellar playoff run, with Altuve saying, "I literally love Justin Verlander" after Game 7 of the ALCS. 

Now, the pair have matching shirts poking fun at the comments. 

The pair took a photo prior to tonight's Game 5 with Altuve wearing a shirt that says "I literally love Justin Verlander" and Verlander wearing a shirt that says "I literally love you too, Jose Altuve." 

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Possibly the funniest thing about the picture is the height disparity between the two men. Verlander stands at 6-5, while Altuve is listed at 5-6. Verlander is nearly a foot taller, making the two a cover photo's worst nightmare. 

They're quite a pair to say the least, but we'll have to see if they can lead the Astros to a World Series win.