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October 29, 2017

Saturday afternoon saw Manchester United beat Tottenham Hotspur in a tight 1-0 victory at Old Trafford. 

But before the game kicked off, Manchester United players walked out onto the pitch holding hands with mascots from sponsors Chevrolet, The Sun reports. 

Alex Livesey/GettyImages

As a great gesture known as the 'Beautiful Possibilities' initiative, the Red Devils walked out to the pitch wearing the Mascots' names on their shirts while the mascots beside the players wore tops with their desired future careers at the back.

Some of these ambitions included youngsters wearing shirts that said "inspire with art" and "heal injured athletes".

Alex Livesey/GettyImages

The scheme by Chevrolet aims to offer a safer environment for children to play football in. When on the pitch, the players present the jersey's they wore to the mascots as a memento for the special occasion.

This followed with a minute of silence by both the United and Spurs players to honour those who gave their lives in British armed conflict. 

The Red Devils held a similar gesture last year against Leicester City when the mascots wore the players names and vice versa. 

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