Saints Owner Reportedly Hospitalized After Game

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This is never something you want to hear. 

The New Orleans Saints pulled off a huge home win over the surprisingly talented Chicago Bears this weekend, improving to 5-2 on the season as a result. However, the postgame problems weren't as great. 

According to reports, team owner Tom Benson was taken to the hospital after the game as he was feeling weak. Fortunately, they do not suspect that anything serious is wrong, and Benson should be alright. 

The 90-year-old Benson had himself quite the weekend, attending a banquet for the Saints Hall of Fame on Friday, the Pelicans' win over the Cavs on Saturday, and then today's home game to top it all off. 

Benson is the owner of both the Saints and Pelicans, so you can understand why he wanted to be there for both of his franchises this weekend. 

Hopefully Benson is able to regather some strength and get back to it this week.