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November 02, 2017

Hoffenheim manager, Julian Nagelsmann, has a growing reputation as a gifted coach in the Bundesliga, but his frustrations boiled over when he saw his side lose 3-1 at home to Borussia Monchengladbach, condemning his side to their fourth game without a win last Saturday. 

As reported in the Daily Mirror, and as the video below shows, the young manager picked up a plastic water bottle pitch-side and threw it into the crowd in his angst. Unfortunately, it hit an unsuspecting home supporter. 

Nagelsmann was quick to respond to his impulsive action, signalling to the spectator seemingly as a way of apologising for his out of character behaviour. 

The victim of the incident was Hoffenheim supporter, 61-year-old Hans-Peter R. Although surprised and a little shocked, he had no animosity towards the club's young manager and he said: "It is all okay, nothing has happened. Emotions are part of the game, such a thing can happen.

"I was looking in another direction. I thought, whoops, what is that? The bottle first hit the wall and then brushed past my cheek and ear. It was still two thirds full."


Nagalsmann showed his own level of maturity after the encounter. He clambered into the stands - at the final whistle - to find the supporter to apologise face to face, shaking the fan's hand and giving him a warm hug.

After the match, the Hoffenheim manager said: "It was a stupid, dim-witted action which should not have happened and will never happen again.

"I wanted to throw the bottle against the wall behind me, but the neck of the bottle stuck to my sweater."

Previous incidents have seen firm retribution from the German Football Federation (DfB). Fortunately, it was confirmed on Monday that due to Nagelsmann's previously unblemished character record he was only to receive a formal warning and avoided the need to pay a fine for the incident.

In 2010, former Mainz and Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel got a €3,000 (£2,636) fine from the DFB when he threw a bottle into the crowd during a cup match away at Alemannia Aachen.

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