By 90Min
November 04, 2017

Tony Pulis has criticised TV pundits for increasing the pressure on Premier League managers. The Baggies boss refused to name any specific pundits because "there are too many" but argued that the growing amount of TV analysis has created an environment where managers are given less time to change results.

The Daily Mail reported that Pulis said, "The media pressure and speculation and everything else just reaches a little bit further every year. 

"You have to deal with it. We've got more experts on TV and more experts on the radio than we've ever had in our lives. Some of them have had a go at management and not done very well but they are absolutely fantastic on the radio and TV. It's amazing that they failed as managers."

The Welshman added that he sometimes thinks "blimey there are millions of them now. They're all over the place. It's a new industry."

Pulis went on to say that if he does watch football on TV, he avoids half-time analysis, "I usually go out and have a cup of tea then come back and watch the football.

"Sometimes I will turn on Radio 5 and listen. I think the people who work on the radio and watch games with their own eyes, and haven't got people blowing information in their ears, are fantastic."

The Baggies face Huddersfield next and will be looking to end their poor form which has seen them manage just one win in the last eight Premier League matches.

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