By 90Min
November 07, 2017

Bayern Munich's Chilean powerhouse Arturo Vidal is renowned for his workman-like performances for the German Champions, breaking up play, winning aerial duels and orchestrating attacks from deep.

That doesn't mean to say the 30-year-old can't play though. Why else would have perfectionist  Pep Guardiola have signed him in his tenure at Bayern Munich.


The ex-Juventus man is partial to attempting some pretty special trick-shots in training with the Bavarians - videos often emerging on social media, from the Sabener Strasse training grounds.

An impressive shot emerged last season in September, where Vidal managed to loop a half-volley over the high-standing pitch divider and into the goal of the pitch next-door. 

The most recent video that emerged on Monday is planets apart from previous trick shots the Chilean has recorded though and literally beggars belief, as to how to ball has ended up in the net.

Vidal - standing behind the goal - steps forward and hits a right footed rabona-shot, across the ball, imparting in-swinging spin and somehow scoring.

Just look for yourself. Outrageous.

Surely not the first attempt. Bravo Arturo. We're early anticipating the next addition.
There's no topping that though, right?

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