By 90Min
November 07, 2017

Manchester City ace Leroy Sane has revealed that teammate Kyle Walker is often on the receiving end of a bit of ribbing from himself and Raheem Sterling for not being the fastest player at the club.

The German speedster was speaking about his City teammates in a SoccerAM video, and went on to describe some of their characteristics. 

Walker was said to be the teammate who thinks he knows everything, and the former Spurs man - who is quite the speedster himself - has been subjected to getting burned by both Sterling and Sane on occasion.

“Kyle Walker wants to be," Sane said, when asked who's the speed demon in the squad. "Raheem [Sterling] and I bully him sometimes, saying I am quicker or Raheem is quicker.”

Sane claims not to know who's actually the fastest in the team, but that's soon to be settled by an upcoming race.

“We give him [Walker] some time to get quicker and then he can come!” he jokes.

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