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November 08, 2017

Arsenal full-back Hector Bellerin has revealed his plans for life after football, admitting that although he hopes to have a long career ahead of him, he must be prepared for any eventuality that may come his way.

Despite being only 22-years-old, Bellerin is already thinking about what will happen when he hangs up his boots for good - be it in his thirties or even sooner. Armed with a diploma in marketing from the University of Pennsylvania, Bellerin definitely isn't taking life as a footballer for granted:

“Sometimes football players get into their thirties and start thinking about what they’re going to be doing after,” Bellerin told Arsenal Player.

“Suddenly, they might get injured and things are rushed. You end up not playing football and not thinking about what you’re going to do when you retire. 

“I’ve known people who have had football taken away from them and have found it hard to know their purpose in life. It’s important to me to have clear things in my mind, even at such a young age, because you never know what could happen with injuries."

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The defender speaks of the experiences that his friends have gone through when talking about what could potentially happen to him over the next decade, and doesn't want to be stranded if his career finishes prematurely:

“It’s not just with age. A friend of mine had to stop football because of a cardiac arrest when he was really, really young. These things happen in football, so you always have to be ready for it.

“Hopefully, if God wants me to finish my career in my later years, I will have all these years to keep learning other things and have the clarity in my head of knowing what to do.”

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