Karim Benzema has revealed that in 2011, following comments made by José Mourinho, the pair's relationship began to fall apart.

By 90Min
November 15, 2017

Karim Benzema has revealed that in 2011, following comments made by José Mourinho, the pair's relationship began to fall apart, according to Canal+ (via Football Espana).

The 29-year-old was referring to when Mourinho described his options up front at the Santiago Bernabéu to be like going hunting with a cat, rather than a dog - a flamboyant way of saying beggars can't be choosers.

"If I can't hunt with a dog, I will hunt with a cat," the former Real Madrid boss said in March 2011. "With a dog you hunt more and you hunt better. But if you have not got a dog and you have got a cat, you hunt with a cat."

It was these comments that Benzema has said were the catalyst for his relationship with the now-Manchester United manager breaking down.

"It was the start of a strain on the relationship, not everything after had good intentions," Benzema said. "I thought those comments made him laugh and even though there was respect, I started to become irritated.

"I told him that I respected him but that respect between a Coach and a player should be neutral and after that there were no more comments.

"It’s always better to speak your mind and I’m usually quiet but if I’m annoyed, I will say so."

Benzema has been struggling to find his best form this season, having scored just one La Liga goal in seven matches. 

Los Blancos are currently eight points behind Barcelona at the top of the league table, with Valencia also four points ahead of Real Madrid this season.

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