By 90Min
November 15, 2017

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski may be one of the best strikers in the world, but his decision to change his hair colour to blonde has not gone down well with everyone on Instagram. 

On Tuesday, the Poland striker decided to change his look, switching his dark hair for a light blonde colour. He took to Instagram to unveil his new look, with a caption reading: "Sometimes you need to change something."

The striker has received over 704,000 likes for his new hair, but a lot of Instagram users couldn't help themselves commenting after realising the similarity to Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund.

Some users wrote "1st place at Marco Reus look alike contest", "Marco Reus 2.0", Reus mode" and "you turned into Reus."

Alex Grimm/GettyImages

But not all comments were comparing him to Reus as many complemented the Bayern Munich star for the change. 

Some users wrote "you look beautiful", "you look handsome", "nice look" and "nice man you look great."

Despite all the nice comments and likes, it seems like there is just no pleasing everyone. 

At least he will get to show off his new colour live for Bayern Munich this Saturday for the first time as they take on Augsburg in the league. 

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