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November 18, 2017

Every player has a particular way to celebrate a title victory. Some dye their hair, others grow a beard, the majority gets drunk on champagne. 

For Napoli defender Raul Albiol, the usual Scudetto celebrations wouldn't certainly be enough were his side to win the Serie A this year. 

A third Scudetto for the Naples outfit - the first one since 1990 - deserves to be glorified in all the possible ways, almost as if it represented, for Napoli, a rebirth after over two decades without collecting any silverware. 

And what better way to celebrate such rebirth than by giving birth itself! In an interview with Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, the Spanish defender has said that if Napoli win the league he will get down to business and make a fifth baby to celebrate the event. 

He said (via Gazzetta): "If I win the Scudetto, I will try to make another baby, but of course my wife would have to agree on this. Victory is always hard to achieve, but we have the right mentality to get what we want." 

Having a baby shouldn't be particularly complicated - and a bit of champagne would certainly help - but, on the other side, winning the league this year is tougher than ever, with Juventus still considered as favourites and Inter, Roma and Lazio all valid contenders. 

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"Many clubs have started out very well this season and we will have to fight until the last game to get what we want," he told on the radio. 

"We are neck-neck with Juventus because we have improved year after year but they are still favourites. We need to stay as close to them as possible if we want to stand a chance to win in May." 

Albiol has been at Napoli for four years and has since fallen for the city and the people who live there: "I love Italian football and I'm sorry that Italy won't be participating to the World Cup. 

"Jorginho and Insigne are very sad, but we hope to make them smile again with a victory against AC Milan."

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