The Manchester United rising star grew up with an affinity for the USMNT veteran goalkeeper.

By 90Min
November 19, 2017

Manchester United star striker Marcus Rashford has stated growing up he idolized goalkeeper Tim Howard and that he is eyeing a spell in goal for his side at some point this season. 

The 20-year-old, who is much better known for his outfield play than that of between the sticks, has netted seven times for the north west giants so far this term across the Premier League, Champions League and the League Cup. 

The young Englishman is regarded by many as one of the hottest up and coming attacking talents in the country, however has revealed it wasn't always going to be that way. 

On his return to former boys' club Fletcher Moss Rangers, the United talisman admitted he originally started his footballing career in goal and that his idol was not a frontman, but a former Red Devils shot stopper. 

"My first season, I went in net", Rashford told The Sunday Times

"The thrill of scoring a goal, you get that same thrill when you save a good chance.

"Tim Howard was my idol. I used to have a little Tim Howard shirt. You watch, there'll be a game... I'm going to get the gloves one day!"

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The now Old Trafford favorite grew up in Manchester, and, as many others did, spent every chance he could playing football. 

"In this area, so many kids love playing football", he said.

"There were some at the club not as talented as others but they knuckled down because they love the game and everybody improved.

"It meant there was always huge competition, and as soon as one player went to an academy [at a professional club], it was an eye-opener to the rest. It showed what was possible."

Rashford, as does any professional footballer, owes a portion of his career to where he started out, and the 20-year-old has nothing but praise for his former youth team, Fletcher Moss Rangers.

"Me and my friends would go out with the ball wherever we could", the Englishman added. 

"That's where the street football started. I still sometimes have kickabouts with my friends in the old park where we used to go, but it's more difficult now."

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