By 90Min
November 20, 2017

Former Arsenal defender Nigel Winterburn has insisted that his former side are still the best side in north London, and has outlined what Spurs must do in order to become the top team between the two.

Looking back on Arsenal's 2-0 win at the Emirates on Saturday, Winterburn spoke about why he still feels like the Gunners are the top team in north London. 

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"Yes, they have closed the gap," said Winterburn on Sky Sports"I know I will upset a lot of Tottenham supporters...[but] the only time I'm really going to start worrying is when Tottenham start to win the trophies.

"If they can win the trophies and then keep finishing very high up in the league. If they win the Premier League, win the Champions League, FA Cups, and Arsenal are not doing that, then the real power shift has changed.

"For me, it [the potential] hasn't changed, the gap has closed, there's hardly any gap. I've said it for the last two seasons, Arsenal and Tottenham are very, very close at the moment and I'll put Liverpool in there with them as well."

The Gunners sit just one point behind Spurs in the table after Saturday's dominant display at the Emirates, having scored more goals than their north London rivals. The Gunners' problem remains their soft underbelly; conceding seven goals more than Mauricio Pochettino's men after just 12 games of the current campaign. 

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