By 90Min
November 22, 2017

Batshuayi has been just as effective over Twitter as he has been on the pitch since his arrival from Chelsea. 

His exploits on social media include trolling fans and constantly reminding EA of his qualities that they seem to have overlooked. However, it seems that EA finally heard his cries and have given him his own personal card.

Upon finding out his initial FIFA rating, he wasn’t pleased at all as he felt EA had undersold his abilities. But the self-proclaimed ‘Batsman’ is over the moon with the new card that EA have given him. It isn’t a second in-form card for the Belgian, but it is a ‘Pro Card’ EA Sports give to players who are notorious for playing their game.

Batshuayi shared the card with his loyal Twitter following. The card is exclusive only to him but can be accessed on modes such as ‘Squad Battles’. The card is rated 99 and possesses some incredible stats such as 99 pace, 98 dribbling, 99 shooting and 95 passing. As he is currently out of the squad with injury, he should have plenty of time to play with the card.

The former Marseille man joins Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann in getting a 99-rated card on this year’s game. The France international is an avid player of the game and can often be seen discussing topics around the game just like Batshuayi.

Batshuayi has had a love-hate relationship with EA Sports but is a loyal customer. This is a good look for EA for looking after one of their own and making the game more entertaining for them. 

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