By 90Min
November 24, 2017

It would appear that Isco is already working his magic when it comes to turning girlfriend Sara Salamo away from her one true football team Atletico Madrid.

The Real Madrid star has been dating the Spanish actress for some time now, and has seemingly begun turning her head away from her beloved Los Rojiblancos and converting her into the latest Los Blancos fan.

That is, if you believe this image taken from Isco's Instagram story feed which shows Salamo wearing a Real top:

Salamo, however, has proved that she will not so easily swayed into swapping her allegiances to Atletico's bitter city rivals.

The 25-year-old responded in kind by taking to her own personal Instagram account to clarify that photograph, and stated that she was merely wearing it due to feeling cold in her surroundings at the time:

It would appear that her story checks out, given that Salamo is also wearing a beanie hat indoors.

It would take a monumental effort for Isco to truly get his partner to switch her support away from Atletico, and we imagine that this amusing exchange between the pair will only lead to more teasing from either side.

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