By 90Min
November 29, 2017

By now, fans must hate it when Jesse Lingard scores, even United ones.

The attacker is becoming famous for his bizarre goal celebrations, and people must be thankful he doesn't score very often.

GLYN KIRK/GettyImages

After scoring against Middlesbrough last season, Lingard went on to mimic someone playing a flute - and that did not sit very well with supporters.


He didn't care though, saying: "I think, in sport, you've just got to do what makes you happy. Obviously, I enjoyed the moment and, when you score, it is a big thing so you've got to take it in your stride. No, I'm not really [aware that fans don't like it]."

Clive Rose/GettyImages

He managed to find a worse celebration after scoring United's fourth goal against Watford on Tuesday, helping his team maintain their dominance against a Hornets side who were aiming for a comeback, having turned a 3-0 deficit into a threatening 3-2.

After running almost the length of the pitch to stun Watford's defence with a sublime strike, the 24-year-old resorted to killing the buzz with a weird snake pose.

Later on, he tweeted the above photo with the caption "I Feel Like Im Hercules." The words are part of a song called Mink Flow by American hip-hop artist Young Thug, and features a snake in the artwork. Hence the hand signs.

So that does settle that, but it's unlikely the explanation has done much to make Lingard's celebrations better received.

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