By 90Min
November 29, 2017

Throwins must be the easiest thing a footballer gets to do during a match, and it's pretty simple to get it right.

All one has to do is throw the ball to someone wearing the same shirt, or just throw it to someone.

Paul Pogba, though, managed to mess one up by throwing to no one at all during Manchester United's win over Watford on Tuesday; although legend has it that John Cena may or may not have been on the pitch.

Alex Livesey/GettyImages

Romelu Lukaku was thought to be the Frenchman's intended target. And although the striker was standing a few feet away, Pogba somehow missed him by several yards.

United did win the match 4-2, but lots of fans took some time out to give the Pog some stick, while others spoke out in his defence.

Check some of the best tweets out below.

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