Chelsea Boss Antonio Conte Apologises After Being Sent to the Stands During Blues' Win Over Swansea

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Antonio Conte was the protagonist in another furious row with referee Neil Swarbrick during Chelsea's 1-0 home win against Swansea on Wednesday night. 

The Italian manager, who traditionally is very animated during the games, was forced to leave the pitch before the end of the first half after making loud complaints. 

Swarbrick made a few questionable choices during the Premier League game, triggering Conte's furious reaction, but the final straw for him was a wrongly-awarded goal kick, which the Italian criticised so heavily that he was sent off. 

Speaking after the game, however, he apologised for his behaviour: "I said this a few times to the fourth official. At the same time I didn't see something change in the first half. I was frustrated for this situation.

"I tried to tell again, but then the referee took this decision. I repeat: I apologise for this. I was frustrated. For sure I made a mistake. During the game, I suffer. With my players, I suffer. It's a pity.

"They are wasting time. [I was] A bit animated. I said this and I shouted this. It was not the first time. I think for this reason the fourth official lost his patience.

He continued: "But I repeat: the fault was mine, not the fourth official's. I apologise for this. I was frustrated."

Conte was also asked when he saw the rest of the game as his vice-manager Angelo Alessio was left leading on the pitch: "In the dressing room because we have the tactical camera. For this reason I watched the game very well. But I don't like."

"I suffered in the same way also in the changing room. To watch the game on the video and then to not have the possibility to communicate with your players. It's very strange. It's very tough for me."