By 90Min
December 03, 2017

We have all had one of those days where we have had a bit too much time on our hands and  find ourselves looking back and cringing at old social media accounts. 

Profiles from even before the days of Facebook and Twitter, where Bebo and Myspace ruled the roost and writing in 'text' language was the only way to communicate - probably because it took almost a week to send a message in the Queen's English. 

However, revisiting old accounts sometimes bring up some comedy gold, especially if you come across someone who is now famous - and that is exactly the case with Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey. 

Fellow professionals such as Jordan Henderson and Andy Carroll's accounts have resurfaced in recent times, however the Wales international may well take the prize for the most cringeworthy after his old Bebo account was discovered. 

In it the now-26-year-old claims he is "scared of nuthin", "hard as nails", unless there is a particular type of spider around, and even offers out his MSN chat email address - oh the memories. 

"Hi, im aaron i play football for Wales and cardiff city", Ramsey's account states, as quoted by UberArsenal on Twitter

"Im about 6 foot with brown hair and brown eyes, like to go out with my m8s and familly! I live in Caerphilly a little town by Cardiff so if ya wanna get 2 know me more add me on msn

"Music i like alsorts of music but indie stands out for me and btw i dont like dance.

Films i never used to be a films type of person but i must admit i have bn watchin a few l8ly like die hard 4 n a few others that a cant think of rite naw. 

"Sports football Scared Of nuthin im hard as nails. hmm wel sum say i am but i wouldnt like to cum that close to tarantulars if thats how u spell it.

"Happiest When with friends, familly. like it wen we go out n have a gd nite with al my m8."

Wow. I imaging the Arsenal dressing room will be having a field day once they discover this.  

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