By 90Min
December 09, 2017

Napoli chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis has put aside his club's sorrows to celebrate Naples' most famous dish, pizza, which was given the Unesco World Heritage status on Friday. 

The Azzurri may be going through a tough moment after being eliminated from the Champions League but De Laurentiis couldn't keep his joy when the whole city of Naples celebrated the news. 

Social media had exploded with jokes last year, when boss Maurizio Sarri had told his players that they couldn't eat pizza before their Champions League against Real Madrid.

The chairman himself is known for always promising his players to pay for everyone's pizza at the end of a match in case of victory, and has publicised, as a producer too, his love for it on Twitter.

He said: "Congratulations to pizza. This dish has facilitated and made possible so many great moments of happiness and good company.

"Seeing it become Unesco World Heritage makes me so happy and grateful for the whole world of Naples, who was able to create the most perfect self-representation with a unique and incomparable symbol."

Napoli are preparing for their upcoming Serie A fixture against Fiorentina after two consecutive defeats and will have to play without their leader and true Neapolitan man Lorenzo Insigne who is ruled out due to injury. 

Pizza's new status may as well be a boost of confidence for the Azzurri, who will need to show their pride and ability to stand up in times of trouble. 

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