Inquest Hears Tragic Story of the Suicide of Ex-Man City Youth Player Billy O'Brien's Girlfriend

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An inquest has heard the terribly sad story of former Manchester City player Billy O'Brien's girlfriend, who took her own life after suffering from a debilitating bowel disease.

As reported by the Mail, bank worker Faye Howard informed her 22-year-old boyfriend that she 'felt like a burden' and had feelings of embarrassment about her condition. 

She was found in Dunham Massey Park in Greater Manchester after O'Brien notified the police about her messages.

At the scene, her mobile phone which was playing music, a photo of her grandfather and two packs of anti-depressants were found and later, a suicide note in her bedroom was also uncovered.

Faye, a former student of Liverpool John Moores University where she studied sport science, had developed Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia - where the muscles in the pelvis do not work properly rendering the sufferer unable to have a bowel movement - and had a tough time of things with the condition, as she apparently struggled to hold down employment and was not treated well by colleagues.

Goalkeeper O'Brien, who now plays for Macclesfield Town said in a statement: "I met Faye in 2015 via social media and things became quite serious quite quickly. Whilst we were on holiday together she began to suffer from really bad stomach pains and constipation and she saw a doctor when we returned to the UK

"Over the months I think this began to take its toll on Faye, particularly as there was no sign of it improving. It was clear that Faye was not in a good place and she said she felt like a burden. She decided to move out and go home where she would feel more comfortable.

"After that she told me she was having thoughts about wrapping her car round a tree or putting tablets out on the table but she explained to me that she would not do it and that it was just a bad moment.

"When she sent me those text messages on the 29th of June I knew they were serious and I called the police to express my concerns."

The tragic story has seen a Just Giving page set up in Faye's memory, and donations to the cause can be made here.