By 90Min
December 17, 2017

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has long been the go to for many of the FIFA video game players, with the opportunity to sample certain professional footballers together who you may, or really shouldn't, see together. 

When most first start out, their goal is to discard their rather drab bronze XI and build a fully gold-carded side which has the potential to challenge any other. 

Obviously chemistry is a huge factor in the game's algorithm, meaning players who play in the same team, league or country work better together than those who do not. 

This often brings about a number of players eyeing up the likes of full Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A or all-Brazilian outfits, depending on their own individual play style. 

However, are gold cards really what it is all about? 

Well, in fact one of the rarest FUT cards you can currently get your hands on is silver, namely Brazilian striker Cristiano da Silva. 

The 30-year-old currently plies his trade in the real world with Japanese side Kashiwa Reysol, not exactly where you would expect to find a world beater, especially considering his overall rating on the game is just 74. 

However, looking closer you find a frontman who possesses 91 pace and the same amount in strength, so basically in FIFA terms, an unplayable striker. 

These stats have made him one of the most desirable cards in Ultimate Team, and despite his mediocre rating, the Brazilian is currently being exchanged for over 240k coins on the Xbox marketplace!

You really have to feel for those who have just skimmed past Cristiano in the past without taking a closer look. 

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